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Genette's Biography & Bibliography



Gérard Genette

Gérard Genette, born in 1930, is a literary scholar and structuralist theorist who has had a broad impact on the development of narratology. Although narratology was established as a field of study before Genette, he developed a terminology to describe the functioning of narrative that has become universal. His work on transtextuality is still ubiquitously referred to in the field of literary studies. Genette's classifications were rigorously formulated, and his gift for typology has gained him widespread acknowledgement among scholars of poetics in general and of narratology in particular.

Genette is a writer and teacher, and is currently a professor of French literature at the Sorbonne and a senior lecturer at the École normale supérieure. He has also served as an academic dean at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, and is the founder and director of the Poetics collection for the Seuil publishing house.

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