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About Signo

The History of the name

The word "semiotics" comes from the Greek sêmeiôtikê, from sêmeion ("sign"). The word for "sign" is "signo" in Esperanto, an invented international language whose lexicon was constructed from the roots of several natural languages.

The members of the Signo team

At this time, Signo includes the following team members:


Do you have ideas for improving Signo? Would you like to add other theories? Would you like to translate Signo? Would you like to donate monetary or in-kind support for Signo? We would be delighted to receive your proposals. Anyone who makes a significant contribution to the Signo website automatically becomes a member of the Signo team. Any institution or organization that makes a significant contribution to Signo will have its name and logo placed on our site, with a hyperlink to its own web site.


Signo would like to thank the following institutions and organizations, whose financial support is deeply appreciated:

Logo UQ

University of Quebec
The Academic Network Development Fund


Université du Québec à Rimouski
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research


Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Vice-President of Academic Services and Technology
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

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